Memoir to Anne

I still have your letters,

I keep them with me all the time,

When i feel upset for you i read them for a time.

They always make me laugh and cheer me up when i feel down. I know its not your voice i hear but your words mean more than sound.

I miss you when you died,

When the phone calls stopped it really was the end,

But ill always have our memories,

The best way to remember my friend.

Your final years where not so nice,

And no should pay the price,

A cruel disease of the mind,

Physical body completely fine.

That now i know you where let in the gate,

Because you always had strong faith,

In a land of peace you thruly deserve,

No greater woman with the life you curved.

Your loving granddaughter


About danii24

Just thought i start this blog to post up some poems i have writen and to just share my experiences from a survivor and try to keep an objective view an issues. I am a community worker and my make enphasis is really how communities need to do more on raising awareness about social issues and that we should be giving more support to some of the great people who are already doing valuable work in society
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