Dun A Ri

Dun A Ri

You are my sanctury,
The place that i am free,
I walk along the forest path,
In between the trees,
I listen to the birds,
They all sing with glee,
A place so full of beauty
Down here in Dun A Ri.
I walk along the river,
Taken in all that i see,
A place so full of wonder,
An Irish Gem so lush so green.

The trees that line the walk way,
Are so thick and dense between,
The undergrowth is bustling,
With juicy blackberries,
I can see all the bluebells,
So blue they stand with pride,
I stand and soak it all up,
Oh what a scene.
You are my sanctury,
The place that i am free,
The beauty that you posess here,
So magical, so surreal,
An Irish gem, no one could condem
This is Dun A Ri

About danii24

Just thought i start this blog to post up some poems i have writen and to just share my experiences from a survivor and try to keep an objective view an issues. I am a community worker and my make enphasis is really how communities need to do more on raising awareness about social issues and that we should be giving more support to some of the great people who are already doing valuable work in society
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2 Responses to Dun A Ri

  1. vedradijaus says:

    I like every post in this blog. Really a nice work has done.

  2. danii24 says:

    Thank you thats very encouraging i will post up more stuff thank you

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