The Darkness

Lying in the darkness
Its a scary thing to me,
When i close my eyes to sleep,
Ghosts is all i see,
Standing in the corner,
Or sitting on my bed,
Why are you here,
Go and leave me be instead.

Lying down beside me,
I can feel the heat,
A pressence there beside me,
My heart pounding to a beat,
An awful menacing feeling,
And a coldness in the air,
I look up to the ceiling,
And pray they are not there.

A white shilloutte,
Or a gray puff of smoke,
Foot steps go around my bed,
I start to panic in my head,
Can any body hear me,
My eyes are swelled with tears,
I need to put an end to this,
I will not live in fear.

Lying with the light on,
I no longer feel you here
Not in the corner,
No longer on my bed,
When will you be gone,
I want you out of my head.

About danii24

Just thought i start this blog to post up some poems i have writen and to just share my experiences from a survivor and try to keep an objective view an issues. I am a community worker and my make enphasis is really how communities need to do more on raising awareness about social issues and that we should be giving more support to some of the great people who are already doing valuable work in society
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2 Responses to The Darkness

  1. Makito1Yt91 says:

    Very, very nice page! 🙂

  2. danii24 says:

    thank you makito1yt91 glad you liked it

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