Back To The Light

Back to the light
You turn your back to the light,
You dont want to be seen,
A poor little shy girl,
They look you take flight.

You keep your face from showing,
What you really feel,
You keep it all inside you,
With life you cannot deal.

You keep yourself in the dark,
Its scary, lonely and fearful ,
Whats going on inside you,
Outside you cannot embark.

You are alone ranger,
But your crying out for love,
You don’t no how to get it,
Nothing could feel stranger.

You turn your back to the light,
The happy side of life,
You sit and you dwell,
Your so full of spite.

About danii24

Just thought i start this blog to post up some poems i have writen and to just share my experiences from a survivor and try to keep an objective view an issues. I am a community worker and my make enphasis is really how communities need to do more on raising awareness about social issues and that we should be giving more support to some of the great people who are already doing valuable work in society
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